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Heyyyyy I am SO glad you’re here!! This has been a big goal of mine for 2022, and I have finally had the time to sit down and figure out how to make it happen. Hopefully this blog helps move my business in the direction I want it to go and provide an outlet for me to share my work and help potential clients. Sooooo I thought I would start out by sharing a bit about myself to kick things off!

I will start from the beginning and share my story. I have always been very creative. Truly some of my earliest memories are of doing crafts, making things, learning to sew, etc. I remember my mom used to buy me little disposable cameras when I went on trips for school or was with friends and I absolutely loved it. I got my first little point and shoot camera when I was in middle school and that started my phase of forcing my sisters and friends to model for me lol.

My love for photography faded a bit when I was in high school. I was much more focused on cheerleading, and friends, and overwhelmed by school in general. I really had my heart set on becoming a nurse or doctor and that was what I worked towards all through high school. Despite that, my elective classes were always design, photography, journalism, computer programing, art, etc. Anything that was creative. I vividly remember my mom sitting me down telling me that I should consider doing graphic design in college instead of medical, but I wouldn’t hear it lol.

In college I very quickly realized that nursing was not my dream. I literally woke up one morning and was like, nope, we are switching. Soooo did I switch my major to design or photography or communication? no, of course not. I chose criminal justice…..now, don’t get me wrong…I freakin loooooved my major. I thrived and excelled in every course and truly enjoyed every moment. I did a really impactful internship with a local police department my senior year and even tried to get hired on with them as I neared graduation. That position did not work out, but it didn’t matter because I at least knew what I wanted to do.

Sooooooo I moved home to Texas where my family was and started working towards becoming a police officer there. I worked my butt off and discovered a love for working out and was really enjoying my time in Texas. While I was training and working towards my goal of law enforcement, I got a job working at my local church. I ended up working as the communications lead which meant I was in charge of all digital and print communication for the church which meant web design, print media, photography, social media, videography, event planning, marketing, etc. Working at a church was really challenging and honestly, not for me, but I looooved the work I was doing. I learned so much and got to be creative all day every day.

And then I met my husband lol. This definitely made me rethink my future plans a bit. My husband is in the air force and by the time we got married, we knew he would only have about a year left in Texas. At this time I was still working at the church, but I was also very far into the hiring process of the police department. I had to make a tough decision which ended up being me staying with the church and turning down the job at the police department because by the time I would have gotten through the academy we would be packing up to leave and to me, it didn’t seem fair to the department. This ended up being the right decision because shortly after we got married, I got pregnant with our daughter.

Staying home with my babies was not something I really gave much thought to until I was pregnant, but then I couldn’t think of anything else. During this time I thought about becoming a personal trainer, or finding some other work-from-home job and it wasn’t until my mom mentioned photography that I really gave that a true thought (I’m telling you, if I just listened to my mom from the beginning, I would have saved myself a lot of time and money). I then spent the next couple months while we were waiting for our move to AZ and learned absolutely everything I could about photography. I already knew a lot about how to use a camera and what I liked from my job at the church, but I really took the time to practice posing and figure out the business side of things.

Once we got to Tucson, I launched business officially and we have been fully booked ever since. Without sounding too cocky or anything, I am honestly not super surprised at my success. I work exceptionally hard, I do a ton of research, and I know that I have a natural creativity that sets me apart. I love photography, it truly brings me so much joy and fulfillment. I really love every aspect and sometimes can’t believe I get to do this every day. I am thankful for my crazy journey because I still use the skills I have learned over the years in so many different aspects of my business and of course I am thankful that the journey brought me here with y’all!

If you read all of that….thank you hahaha! and here are a couple quick little fun facts because I am more than just my story!

– I have two gorgeous babies, Mila and Ari
– I prefer to write with paper and a black ink pen
– I looove organizing
– Black is forever and always my fav color to wear and decorate with
– I would rather watch a movie than a tv show
– I am a total insta mom and love sharing motherhood stuff when I have the time
– I am a very strong enneagram 8
– I love going to target with my kids
– I would be totally fine never eating another sweet other than ice cream ever again
– I read every single day
– Folding laundry is my least favorite household task
– Idk! I am not good at talking about myself soooo this is what ya get hahaha


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